Master the learning algorithm definition and machine learning process.
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Learn common machine learning algorithms.

Discover how the artificial intelligence is born and explore its history until its current application. The practical sessions on this course contain examples from the experts in the field to go further into the main concepts supporting by practical exercises.

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Predict with data,
take informed decisions.

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Video based course

More that 5 hours of video content so that you can learn the fundamenetals of natural language processing.

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Course duration

5 weeks, 15 to 20 total hours


Learn wherever you are, whenever you want.

Course units

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Unit 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

1. What is AI?
2. Machine Learning Projects
3. Suprevised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning
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Unit 2: Regression

1. Introduction to regression
2. Feature engineering and regularization
3. Modeling using computational graphs
4. Linear regression with TensorFlow
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Unit 3: Classification

1. Binary Classification
2. Logistic regression
3. Classification with TensorFlow
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Unit 4: Clustering

1. Unsupervised learning and clustering
2. K-means clustering hands-on
3. Hierarchical clustering
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Roberto José Vázquez Lucerga

Roberto Vazquez Lucerga is a multilingual senior executive with extensive business management experience in the energy sector. He has a strong analytics-science background and ample field experience, having developed multiple greenfield projects for major corporations. He is an expert in business and innovation strategy, data analysis, operations, trading, and project management and has led multiple design, construction, and operation teams in the EU and SE Asia.
Our expert
Sloan Fellow at MIT, with four Master Degrees (Engineering, Physics, Business Administration and Management of Technology).
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