Big Data

Discover new ways to manage big data volumes using top technologies and tools.
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Learn how to manage big data volumes

The new digital age has been mainly built from interconnections and data generated in Internet. The Big Data is presented as a challenge and on this course you are going to learn about the value of the data and the best practices to develop projects based on this concept.

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Video based course

More that 5 hours of video content so that you can learn the fundamenetals of natural language processing.

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Course duration

5 weeks, 15 to 20 total hours


Learn wherever you are, whenever you want.

Course units

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Unit 1:Introduction to Big Data 

1. Introduction to Big Data
2. The 7 Vs
3. Exponential organizations
4. Small Data and Big Data
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Unit 2: Structured and unstructured data

1, Structured bases
2. Tools for reading structured databases
3. Unstructured databases
4. JSON Files
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Unit 3: Data Engineering and Data Lake

1. Data Engineering and Data Lake
2. The importance of data extraction and preparation
3. Data Warehouse and Data Lake
4. Cloud and Data Lakes
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Unit 4: Data Governance and technological challenges

1. Machine Learning techniques
2. Data Security
3. Master Data Management
4. Technological adoption
5. IoT and the Cloud
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Meet your next experts

Adriana Avalos

PhD in Physico-mathematical Sciences since 2014. Researcher with various articles published in refereed journals of Physics, Statistics and Forest Sciences. Specialist in Analytics and Data Science. Currently, general consultant in the data area. Programming fascinates me and I like to transmit my knowledge in the area to other people.
Our expert
"Programming fascinates me, and I like to transmit my knowledge in the area to other people."

Gabriela Loami Olivares

Sales Marketing professional with a background in Business Intelligence, recently certified in Data Analytics and Visualization bootcamp from Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey and wide experience in traditional & digital strategic marketing, project management, branding and communications for consumer (B2C- CPG & FMCG), industrial markets (B2B) and mixed strategies (B2B2C). As customer centered and curious by nature, has become an expert insight generator, leveraging on critical thinking and data-driven skills to contribute and create value decisions. As CRM regional project manager, led international and cross-functional teams collaborating across varied organizational structures, levels, and global teams from Top corporate brands, meeting adjusted deadlines, solving highly challenging problems, and getting involved in strategic business growth decisions. Strengths such as result orientation, business-driven solution combined with collaborative communication and attention to detail skills, makes me a passionate member to your strategic teams. Managing direct and indirect reporting teams with local, regional, and international scope to reach global Goals.
Our expert
“Teaching on programming key platforms has been an amazing experience.”

Saul Zamora Pérez

Specialist in managerial decision making. Focused on transforming data strategies into value strategies with successful results. With more than 8 years of experience, more than 18 developed control panels and decision-making systems, implementing processes and applications in various areas of the industry: Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Health, Banking and Retail, with Business Intelligence techniques.
Our expert
“Data can transform the way we understand business. We can leverage our capacity to take decisions in a more conscious way”

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